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Your Company is Certified Now What?

Certified does not mean qualified. A company won't do business with you simply because you have a certification. You need more. This seminar will dispel the myths of certification and help you maximize your resources.


ACCESS to Win the RFP process

Most RFPs are won before a company is invited to bid.  That means planning ahead is critical. This session will address what you’ll need to have in place to successfully compete for corporate and government contracts. Additionally, find out how you can win a RFP before it is publically released.


Creating Your Corporate Capabilities Summary

A strong corporate capabilities summary is a great conversation starter when trying to do business with large corporations. Use the guidance from this seminar to develop a winning CCS. If you already have one, bring it along to be evaluated.


Perfecting Your Value Proposition

This workshop is limited to 20 participants and will focus on defining a unique value proposition (UVP) for your business. Your UVP may be the key to getting to the next meeting or closing the deal. This session will help distinguish you from the competition.


Navigating the Procurement Maze

Learning a company's purchasing process can be challenging when you are a supplier on the outside. Understanding the purchasing process early is key to successfully securing contracts. This seminar will equip you with the tools to successfully navigate the purchasing maze.


ACCESS via Knowing the Unspoken Rules

There are unspoken rules that govern the procurement process – what to say and what you should never do. There are secrets to getting a returned phone call and an easy way to make the right impression through strategic communication and interactions. This is the session where you’ll learn what to say in your first meeting or phone conversation with a buyer and how to build trust and interest in your products or services.


ACCESS via Certification - The Correct Way In.

Learn the dos and don’ts of using your WBE, MBE and VBE certification to secure corporate and government contracts. Discover new ways to get in the door and stay there. This session will help you leverage your certification the right way by exercising best practices that effectively start and maintain relationships with buyers.


Please check back for additional workshops and roundtables.

*Workshops and topics subject to change


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